Quality Improvement Initiatives (Long-term Care)

At Providence Health Care, the team strives to improve healthcare given to our Long-term Care (LTC) residents and one way that we do this is through various Quality Improvement (QI) initiatives. Our QI team is headed by Bhavan Manhas (Program Director of Seniors Care) alongside with Dr. Eileen Wong (Lead Physician Quality Improvement for PHC LTC). 

Past and current projects have included:

  • 2017-2018 Recording of Blood Pressure and Weight Measurements at Holy Family Hospital LTC

  • 2018 -2019 Food Quality Improvement project at Holy Family Hospital LTC
    Lead: Dr. Wong
    Quality project team members: Dietitians, CNLs, RNs, RCAs and the rest of the Interdisciplinary Team
    For more info: https://bcmj.org/ssc/pqi-project-makes-appetizing-discoveries-long-term-care-residents

  • May – August 2021.  Serious Illness Conversation, Goals of Care, Advance Care Planning documentation improvement at all LTC sites
    Lead: Dr. Wong, Ms. Manhas
    Quality project team members:  Palliative Consult and Outreach Team(PCOT), Nursing, Social Work, Performance Improvement Consultants and the rest of the Interdisciplinary Team. 
    In this project we are looking at the documentation of serious illness conversations, goals of care, and advance care planning for all our residents to ensure that their wishes for their care including end of life are fulfilled.

Providence is committed to person-centred and resident-directed care as a fundamental part of our mission. In LTC, we highly value the role of QI in driving forward the resident experience, embracing the following guiding principles:

  • Home is not a place, it’s a feeling
  • Resident’s direct each moment
  • Social Connections Matter Most

QI data that is collected is anonymous and pooled together, which means that residents’ information will be not identifiable.  If at anytime, you do not wish to participate in QI initiatives, you can say no and decline. If you decline and say no for any reason, your care will not be affected in any way. If you would like more information about these initiatives, or if you have any questions or concerns, we invite you to contact Ms. Manhas at 604.806.9340 or Dr. Wong at 604.322.2610.