Post-COVID Recovery Clinic

Providence Health Care manages a province-wide virtual clinic that supports people in B.C. who are living with symptoms of long COVID. It delivers this service in partnership with the Post-COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network (PC-ICCN), a program of the Provincial Health Services Authority. PC-ICCN is responsible for post-COVID care, research and education in B.C.

The virtual Post-COVID Recovery clinic offers patients access to group education sessions and rehabilitation support from nurses, social workers, physiotherapists and occupational therapists. As needed, clinic staff will connect patients with physician specialists. 

People living with symptoms of long COVID need a referral from their family doctor or other primary care provider to access the clinic’s services. 


What is long COVID?

“Post-COVID” is an umbrella term for any symptoms that remain after you initially acquire COVID-19. Post-COVID conditions (commonly called “long COVID”) occur in people who had COVID-19 and who are still experiencing symptoms three (3) months following their initial illness. These symptoms cannot be explained by other causes and are significant enough to have an impact on everyday functioning. Currently, there is no single medical treatment (medications) for long COVID.



Your primary care provider (e.g. family doctor or nurse practitioner) can refer you to the Post-COVID Recovery Clinic by completing the referral form. To be referred, you must be experiencing symptoms that limit your daily activities and that have been affecting you for at least three (3) months following your presumed or confirmed COVID-19 illness.

Before referring you, your primary care provider must have investigated your symptoms to rule out any other potential causes. The clinic does not provide investigations and diagnostics.

Once your referral is received, you will be assigned a nursing case manager. They will contact you and review your case to determine the appropriate level of resources and services required to support your recovery.

Physicians: please fax the completed referral form to 604-806-8809.


Patient Resources

The Post-COVID-19 Interdisciplinary Clinical Care Network website offers resources and tools to help you care for yourself. All materials have been prepared or reviewed by health-care professionals.

  • MyGuide Long COVID: a customizable guide for individuals experiencing long-COVID symptoms or those wanting to learn about recovering from long-COVID symptoms.
  • Fact sheets and videos: offered in multiple languages, these materials provide best-practice information so you can self-manage your long COVID symptoms.


Health Care Provider Resources

RACE line

The provincial Rapid Access to Specialist Consultation (RACE) line is staffed Monday – Friday, 9 a.m.- 5 p.m. by internal medicine physicians who are available to answer urgent clinical questions from physicians and nurse practitioners for patients suspected to have long COVID or who are recovering from long COVID.

For RACE access: call 604-696-2131 or visit (physician or NP access only, account required)

Specialty area name: COVID-GIM-Post-Infection Care.

For additional resources to support you in caring for your patients living with long COVID, visit the PC-ICCN resources for health-care providers page.


Clinic Contact