COPD Clinic

The Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorders (COPD) Outpatient Clinic, a specialty clinic under Pacific Lung Health Clinic, has been in operation since 2005. Our clinic runs 2-3 times a month. It includes a respirologist, a respiratory therapist, a dietitan and a physiotherapist. Patients are referred from family physicians in the community or through the COPD pathway/CTU at the hospital. Our goal is to optimize care according to best clinical practice guidelines in a multidisciplinary setting. Please visit our Pacific Lung website for more information.  

Location and Contact
St. Paul’s Hospital
8th Floor Providence Building, Section 8B
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1Y6
Phone: 604-806-8818
Fax: 604-806-8839
Physicians: Drs. D. Sin and S. Van Eeden