Colorectal Clinic

This clinic provides consultations and follow-up for patients with colon and/or rectal dysfunction including cancer, polyps, ulcerative colitis, Crohn’s disease, diverticulitis, and all benign anorectal disease such as fissures, fistulas, rectal prolapse, hemorrhoids, and anal condyloma. Patients must be referred by a doctor.

Location and Contact
St. Paul’s Hospital
3rd Floor Burrard
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1Y6
Phone: 604-806-8711
Fax: 604-806-9604
Physician: Dr. P.T. Phang, Dr. C. Brown, Dr. M. Raval, and Dr. A. Karimuddin

Colon Cancer Screening
If you are a BC man or woman between the ages of 50 to 74, you should get screened for colon cancer. Screening is free for insured BC residents with referral from a family physician. Learn more