Email and SMS

For both SMS and email:

  • Authenticate the identity of the intended recipient prior to communicating using one of the following methods:
    • Send an initial email to confirm the right person is being contacted prior to sending a virtual visit invitation or any personal information
    • In-person, by text or by phone, ask the client, patient or resident to verify a piece of information that only they would know (e.g. date of birth, date of last appointment, middle name, etc.)
    • Confirm the email address against another current document
  • Limit patient identifiers if possible.

For SMS:

  • Follow the Providence Health Care texting policy, which you can find here
  • Use the ‘native’ text messaging application that comes installed on your phone, not one you’ve downloaded.

For email:

  • Follow the Providence Health Care emailing policy, which you can find here
  • Where available, staff must use a PHC email address to conduct PHC business. Email addresses issued by another health organization or trusted institution may also be used, based on where the staff member primarily works.