Participating in Clinical Trials

Health research plays an important role in improving patient care and health outcomes of our community.

Clinical Trials

Clinical studies are designed to answer health questions, add to medical knowledge and help researchers develop new approaches to the treatment, diagnosis and prevention of disease or conditions. These studies involve using human volunteers (also called participants) and help determine if an investigational drug, device or procedure works and is safe.

At Providence, approximately 200 clinical studies are performed each year to help us answer questions about health, as well as the medical care that we provide. All research conducted at Providence is reviewed and approved by a sanctioned University of British Columbia Research Ethics Board.

If you're thinking about a clinical study, you can educate yourself with some basic information. Before you take part in a clinical study, you need to be fully informed about the study and everything that is known about the benefits and risks of the research. In addition, it may be helpful to discuss the clinical study and your participation with your physician, family members or friends before making a decision.