Youville Residence

What to Bring/and Avoid

There is a lot to think about when coming to Youville Residence. Here is a checklist to help make your stay easier.

What to Bring

The following checklist is a useful guide for what to bring when moving into residential. All clothing is labelled by our Laundry on admission. New items can be given to the nurse for labelling. Information about special clothing for wheelchair dependent residents is available.

  • Clothing – six complete changes of clothing; two pairs of loose-fitting, washable, non-slip slippers; one pair of shoes; two or three washable sweaters; jacket or coat and suitable head covering for outdoor activities; hat, gloves, scarf etc. for cool weather.
  • Personal Items – Toothbrush and toothpaste; dentures; denture cleaner and cup; deodorant; electric razor; after shave lotion; cosmetics; comb or brush; face and hand creams; shampoo; eye glasses; hearing aid; cane, walker; favourite possessions (e.g. family photos, favourite blanket, clock, books); CD player and CDs.

All personal items (non-clothing) should have name labels on them. Dentures, eyeglasses, or prostheses can be marked for a small fee.

Items to Avoid

The Parkview environment takes precautions to ensure that personal items do not pose a threat to a person’s safety while on our unit. Items that are breakable such as glass, porcelain, crystal are not permitted on the unit. Due to the need to ensure people’s safety, sharp objects are not permitted as well. These include, but are not limited to: straight edge razors, scissors, knives, and nail clippers. If you are unsure about any of the items, please connect with the care staff who will be able to answer your questions and guide any decisions that you will need to make.