St. Vincent's: Langara


We welcome a diverse and multicultural resident population, and our staff represent a similar diversity of cultures.

St. Vincent’s: Langara

St. Vincent’s: Langara is a complex care residential facility located in Vancouver across from a lovely municipal park. The residence is home to 197 residents from a variety of cultural backgrounds, as well as a specialized unit serving 20 adult mental health clients.

Langara Residence

At Langara, residents live in community areas called neighbourhoods. Fellow residents, family members and caregivers are all a part of this community. Each neighbourhood has a small lounge where residents can enjoy time alone, visit with family or share special times with friends. Our staffing is set up to promote relationships and impromptu activities. We know a predictable schedule helps many people, especially when remembering things can be a challenge for some residents. We also know fun and spontaneity are essential to living.

Our spacious atrium on the main floor, which includes a cafeteria and quaint gift shop, opens up to a large patio with gardening areas for residents and families to enjoy. A chapel with beautiful stained glass windows on the ground floor provides another tranquil space.

Alder Unit

At Langara, we offer a neuropsychiatry mental health program, located on the Alder unit. This unit offers a long term neuropsychiatry stabilization program that provides a range of specialized services to meet the needs of adults with complex neurological disorders/brain injuries and psychiatric illness which currently prevents them from living successfully in community settings.

Our Community

We work at keeping our community a warm and inviting place, where:

  • All people are welcome and welcome each other
  • The care of the body, mind and spirit are valued
  • The day is filled with all kinds of activities – both planned and unplanned
  • Animals, plants, children and the wider community are part of your daily life
  • You have choice in your daily activities
  • You feel recognized and valued for who you are, your life experiences and

Please note that we are a scent-free environment.

We encourage residents and clients to personalize their rooms with cherished possessions, photographs and mementos, where appropriate, and to get to know their neighbours, who they are and where they came from. We welcome a diverse and multicultural population, with our staff representing a similar diversity of cultures.

Contact Information

255 West 62nd Avenue
Vancouver, BC, V5X 4V4

Main Switchboard: 604-325-4116      
Main Fax: 604-806-9756

Alder Unit

Phone:  604-806-9799
Fax:      604-806-9751