St. Vincent's: Brock Fahrni

Resident + Family Councils and Conferences


Resident Care Conferences provide an opportunity for the resident, family members or friends and staff to review the resident’s care plan and to address any issues. An initial meeting is held six to eight weeks after a resident moves in. After that, care conferences are held annually.


The Residents' Council meets regularly to discuss topics of mutual interest or concerns related to living at Brock Fahrni. Meetings are facilitated by the Rehabilitation Department. The Family Council involves family members and close friends in the decisions that affect the quality of life of residents. Membership is open to all interested families and friends. Council members meet monthly to support each other, to seek solutions to mutual concerns and to learn more about Brock Fahrni. Both residents and families have a right to represent themselves and your involvement in the Councils helps raise the voice of all residents who cannot speak for themselves.