St. Paul’s Hospital

Going Home

The following is a check-list to help your transition back home.

Preparing to Go Home

Some important things to consider when planning your return home after treatment:

  • Transportation: Have you arranged for travel back home? Is a friend or family member able to pick you up?
  • Keys: Do you have your house keys with you? Is a family member or your building manager able to assist?
  • Clothing: Do you have a change of clothing for your trip home?
  • Food: If your mobility is restricted, it may be difficult or impossible to do your own grocery shopping. Is your kitchen stocked? Will you need help with shopping?
  • Help at home: Will you need help with day-to-day chores, such as bathing, dressing or cooking?
  • Prescriptions: Will you need a prescription filled before you go home?
  • Medical Equipment: Will you need to order special equipment (i.e. a wheelchair) to help you function at home?
  • Follow-up appointments: Will you need further treatment at St. Paul’s? Will you be seeing your family physician? Have these appointments been arranged?

Going Home

Our health care team helps you make plans for going home. We consider what you will need when you get home. If you need community supports or equipment at home or help getting home, we work with you to put these in place. If you have any questions during your hospital stay about going home, please feel free to ask any member of your care team.