Mount Saint Joseph Hospital

Resident Services

Browse through this section to learn about our resident services including pharmacy, pastoral care, cafeteria services, laundry, newspapers and more.


Residents enjoy a choice of Chinese or Canadian food prepared in the hospital kitchen. Menus are developed by registered dietitians, and therapeutic diets are provided if needed. Family members are welcome to assist residents with meals. 

The Nutrition Services Department can provide food for special occasions or celebrations. Contact the Food Service supervisor for items available and the price list. One-week notice is required for special orders. 

The Cafeteria, located on the ground floor, offers a variety of beverages as well as hot and cold food. 

Social Work

Social work services are provided for all residents and families. The social worker counsels individuals and families, makes referrals to appropriate community agencies, provides education to residents, families, may act as a resource to Family Council and Residents’ Council and advocates on behalf of residents and families. As part of the initial assessment, the social worker gathers information about the resident’s background, financial situation, social support system, strengths and achievements. Counseling can be provided to assist with stress due to illness, bereavement or a change of home. For more information, visit our Social Work section.


A pharmacist regularly reviews all medications. All prescribed medications are provided without charge. Residents are asked not to bring any medications with them, including over-the-counter drugs such as vitamins, aspirin and laxatives. If a resident leaves for the day or overnight, medications are prepared in advance.

Rehabilitation Services

When residents move in, they are assessed by an occupational therapist and/or a physiotherapist. The therapist assists with seating and mobility requirements, safety needs, recommends equipment if necessary, and helps develop a care plan- including assessment for group therapy/exercise programs. Rehabilitation assistants run a variety of social, recreational and therapeutic programs. There is also a wheelchair-accessible bus to travel to community events, and families and friends are encouraged to participate in events and outings. A music therapist also works with residents on a full-time basis. Therapies such as speech, massage or physiotherapy can be arranged on a fee-for-service basis. Contact the Rehab Department for more information.

Foot Care

Podiatry services are provided by an accredited podiatrist (physician prescription required).

Interpreter Services

If you do not speak or understand English well enough to have conversations about your health, we can book an interpreter (at no cost). Interpreter Services are available 24-hours-a-day. For daily communication, we can use various tools, such as pictures and translated cards. Patients, residents, and family members can ask a member of the health care team to place a request for an interpreter. For more information click here.

Pastoral Care

Pastoral care associates are available 24-hours per day to offer residents and family members emotional and spiritual support. At MSJ, each person is seen as unique and deserving of affirmation, respect and love. Individual religious and spiritual beliefs are respected. Pastoral care associates aim to nurture, support and guide residents in an atmosphere of trust, compassion and confidentiality. Pastors, Rabbis and leaders of faith groups are encouraged to visit and minister to members of their congregations. Mount Saint Joseph has a Roman Catholic Chaplain who is available for Sacramental ministry and counseling. Hymn sings and interfaith services are held on the units, as are monthly Cantonese church services. The chapel is located on the 1st floor, and is open 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. daily. For more information, visit our Pastoral Service section.

Advanced Care Planning

Ensure your wishes for future health care treatment are known, even at a time when you may not be able to speak or communicate for yourself. To find out more about Advanced Care Planning, click here.

Outside Therapy and Extra Care

Sometimes, a person may want to have extra care beyond what we already give, or may want to have treatments we do not offer, such as massage, acupuncture, or reiki. It is possible to have these types of care while living here. Therapists coming in to our care homes must be approved to give care to you. We look at the proposed care or treatment to make sure it does not interfere with the care you are getting from us or your overall health.

Paid Companions

Sometimes it is difficult for family members to get in to visit with you as much as you and they would like. You and your family may wish to hire a paid companion to visit with you, join you in activities, or just be with you. Our social workers will help connect you with companion agencies. You, or a family member, are responsible for interviewing, hiring, and paying for your companion. If you do hire a companion, please let us know who you have hired and what service they are going to give you.


Hair appointments can be made directly with the hairdresser or at the nursing station. Charges can be added to your monthly statement, or deducted from your comfort fund. 


Personal laundry services are provided for residents. Clothes are picked up, laundered and returned to the resident’s room. Dry cleaning must be arranged by family members. 


Public pay phones and cordless telephones are available. If a private telephone is preferred, the resident or family is welcome to make arrangements. 


Canada Post delivers mail on a regular basis to our home and we will get your mail to you. We also have postage stamps and letter drop off locations. Just ask for the one closest to your room.

Computers and Email

Computers are welcome. Please check with our staff to see if Internet access is available.

Television and Radio

Residents can have a TV in their room and many large screen TV’s are located in the dining rooms, quiet rooms and atrium. Many of us enjoy TV or radio. We understand how important it can be to have your own TV and radio in your room. If you would like to bring in a TV, we suggest a flat panel TV screen as they are very compact and help make the best use of your personal space. If you share your room, we ask you to use headphones to respect the privacy of your roommate.


You are welcome to arrange for subscriptions to newspapers to be delivered to you (for example, Vancouver Sun, The Province, Globe and Mail, Sing Tao) or magazines.

Other News

We have a number of ways of letting you know what is happening here. Check our bulletin boards and newsletter for daily news and updates on residents and staff. We also receive copies of The Tapestry Foundation newsletter (twice a year), and the Providence’s d’Vine newsletter (six times a year).


Please ask the unit coordinator for information on the HandyDART service or the Taxi Saver Program, and how you or your family can register. If you need to go to the hospital for tests, or you become ill and need urgent care, your nurse may call an ambulance or another transport service to take you to the hospital. We call an ambulance when you need the care of paramedics during the trip to the hospital. When you don’t need the care of paramedics, we call another transport service. The cost of the trip, whether by ambulance or another transport service, is not totally covered by your Medical Services Plan (MSP). This cost is usually charged to you. However, you may qualify for MSP Premium Assistance where the government will pay for it. If you qualify, please complete the MSP Premium Assistance form and mail it to the address on the form. If you have any questions about this, ask your social worker.