Holy Family Hospital

Patient Services

Holy Family Hospital is home to a 65-bed inpatient rehabilitation unit, as well as treating thousands of outpatients each year.

Inpatient Services

The 65-bed Holy Family Inpatient Rehabilitation unit caters primarily to older adults, generally 55 and older, who have had strokes, joint replacements, fractures or amputations and require further therapy to allow them to return to their homes following an acute care stay. By participating in a daily active rehabilitation program provided by a highly skilled interdisciplinary team these patients are able to become stronger, retrain and learn new skills to allow them to safely return to their homes.

Two key features of HFH are a hydrotherapy pool and Easy Street™— a simulated community that allows patients to practice essential life skills in a safe, challenging and realistic environment. This community includes an Activities of Daily Living Suite, which is used for patients preparing to return home.

Download: Inpatient Orientation Sheet

Info for your Stay

For more information about our rehabilitation program and details for your stay, please view our handbook.

Outpatient Services

The Holy Family outpatient rehabilitation service provides care to approximately 55 people per day. Patients are referred from a variety of sources and the majority are over 55. Some may have been recently discharged from acute care following a stroke or fracture and require ongoing rehabilitation to regain function to manage in their own homes. Others may be referred from the community with goals related to optimizing functional ability to help them to manage in their environment.

Core services include occupational therapy; physiotherapy; speech and language; and social work. Limited services include nutrition. Specialized services available include: communication disorders/swallowing; footwear and foot care; driver rehabilitation; splinting/orthotics; and lymphedema management. For a list of outpatient services, click here.