Patient Records

Protecting your privacy and health records is of the utmost importance to us.


Every patient or resident at a Providence Health Care site has a health record, which is necessary to provide care. Health records consist of many documents such as reports from care providers, lab results, radiology findings and pharmacy information. Our Records Management department provides health records to patients, physicians, legal services, insurance companies and other authorized bodies.

Protection of your privacy is of utmost importance to us. We operate in compliance with the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act. Please click here for more information on the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act .

Health Gateway

Some of your health records are available online in Health Gateway, the provincial patient portal. Visit the Health Gateway webpage to learn more.

This is a website that provides centralized health information resources to patients, physicians and clinicians, researchers, and institutions across Lower Mainland, Vancouver Island and the Okanagan. Health Information Management (HIM) represents Fraser Health, Providence Health Care, Provincial Health Services Authority, and Vancouver Costal Health. Please click here to visit

Request a Health Record

All requests for a patient’s health record must be submitted in writing. Please fully complete the ‘Authorization for the Release of Health Records form', as the information is required to process your request.  The form must be signed by the patient or patient’s authorized legal representative. For detailed instructions on filling out this form, please click here. 

If you are requesting the health records of an incapable adult/minor or deceased person, you must fully complete the second page of the 'Authorization for the Release of Health Records form.'  The form must be signed by the patient’s authorized legal representative. Proof of legal representation is required.

Mail completed forms and proof of legal representation to:

Providence Health Care – Records Management
Room 162, Burrard Building, 1081 Burrard Street    
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1Y6

The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act allows 30 business days to respond to your request.


  1. Patients who request standard processing of their own health records will not be charged a fee.
  2. Patients who request special processing of their own health records may be charged a fee for the following services: rush requests, certification, shipping and handling, additional copies of the same information.
  3. A third party (i.e.: Worksafe BC, legal services) requesting health records while working on the patient’s behalf will not be charged a fee for standard processing.
  4. A third party requesting health records who is not working on the patient’s behalf will be charged a fee for processing. 

Applicants will be notified in writing about the charges before services are provided.

Frequently Asked Questions

Click here for answers to frequently asked questions.

More Information

For more information on Providence Health Care’s release of information procedures and policies, please contact Records Management at the appropriate hospital during regular business hours, Monday to Friday (except statutory holidays) from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. or otherwise specified by site: 

St. Paul’s Hospital
Records Management
1081 Burrard Street
Vancouver, BC, V6Z 1Y6
Telephone: 604-806-8103      
Fax: 604-806-9015

Mount Saint Joseph Hospital
Records Management
3080 Prince Edward Street
Vancouver, BC, V5T 3N4
Telephone: 604-877-8319      
Fax: 604-877-8109

Holy Family Hospital (Tuesdays and Fridays only)
Records Management
7801 Argyle Street
Vancouver, BC, V5P 3L6
Telephone: 604-322-2618      
Fax: 604-322-2613

St. Vincent’s Hospitals
Brock Fahrni Pavillion, Langara, and Youville Residence

Send requests to:
Mount Saint Joseph Hospital
Records Management
3080 Prince Edward Street
Vancouver, BC, V5T 3N4
Telephone: 604-877-8319      
Fax: 604-877-8109 

Can't find the number you need?
Contact Records Management at the location you were treated.  The contact information for other locations, not listed above, can be found here.



PharmaNet is a secure computer network linking all community pharmacies throughout the province, and has been in place since 1995. PharmaNet contains up-to-date information about all prescriptions dispensed to you anywhere in BC. Pharmacists use PharmaNet to monitor your drug therapy and prevent potentially harmful medication interactions, unintended prescription duplications, and drug fraud and abuse.

Access to PharmaNet data is available to authorized health professionals and authorized staff working in a hospital or a designated mental health facility, as a tool to assist with treatment and care of patients. PharmaNet is managed by the Ministry of Health with input from the College of Pharmacists of BC and the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC. For more information visit the PharmaNet website.