Hepatitis B 

  •  Series of 3 vaccines over 6 months. Blood level > 10 mIU/ml provides immunity.


  • 2 documented doses of the varicella vaccine, received at least 6 weeks apart.
  • Self-reported history or physician diagnosed chickenpox (or shingles) after 1 year of age only if disease occured PRIOR to 2004.
  • Laboratory proven diagnosis of prior varicella or zoster after the age of 1.

Measles/Mumps/Rubella (MMR)  

  • Measles - 2 documented doses of Measles containing vaccine recommended for all health care workers born after 1956 or laboratory evidence of immunity.
  • Mumps – 1 dose of Mumps containing vaccine if born 1957 to 1969 and 2 doses of Mumps containing vaccine if born 1970+.
  • Rubella - 1 dose of Rubella containing vaccine or laboratory evidence of immunity.
  • If born before 1957, one dose of the MMR vaccine is recommended if you are unsure about your history of these diseases.  

Tetanus/Diphtheria (T/d)

  • Booster recommended every 10 years.

TB Skin Test (TST)

  • Baseline required upon hire.

Immunization Fact Sheet

Where can I get my immunizations?

PHC staff can walk in, without an appointment, to the following pharmacies to receive their BCCDC recommended HCW immunizations (for all other pharmacies that are not listed below, please call ahead to book an appointment and ensure vaccine is in stock). 

  • Shopper’s Drug Mart 1125 Davie St (by SPH),
  • Shopper’s Drug Mart at Kingsgate Mall (by MSJ)
  • Pharmasave 5791 Oak St (near Residential sites)
  • Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centres with authorization letter.  Please visit the Occupational Health and Safety Immunization page from a work computer to find the authorization letter.

Please Note: There may be a charge for the Hepatitis B series if not received at the locations listed above. If you are charged for the Hepatitis B vaccination, please submit proof of immunization along with your receipt to for reimbursement.

What identification do I need to bring?

Bring your BC CareCard, PHC photo ID and let them know you are a healthcare worker. If choosing to attend the Travel Medicine & Vaccination Centre listed above, you will need to download the authorization letter from our internal PHC intranet.  The letter can be found under the Occupational Health & Safety Immunization page.

Will I be charged for the immunizations?

There is no charge for publicly funded, HCW immunizations; MMR, Varicella, T/d or Polio. If visiting a pharmacy, doctor's office or public health clinic not listed above, there may be an administration fee.

There may be a charge for Hepatitis B vaccinations and TB skin tests (not done at pharmacies). PHC staff can submit proof of Hepatitis B immunization and/or TB skin test read and receipt(s) to for full reimbursement. 

I need a TB skin test (TST) and other HCW recommended immunizations, what are my options?

TST's will continue to be done on site at St. Paul's Hospital for new employees (hired in last 3 months) on the same day as new employee orientation (NEO). For other HCW recommended immunzations, please review the information above “Where can I get my immunizations?”

I can't make it to one of the scheduled TST clinics, where can I have my TST done?

You can get a TST done at:

  • travel clinics (no cost at travel clinic listed above along with authorization letter)
  • BCCDC (Vancouver and New Westminster locations)
  • some GP offices

Please Note: There may be a charge for the TST if done at BCCDC or GP offices. Full reimbursement for the cost of TST will be given to PHC staff when TST Read result and receipt for TST is submitted to Reimbursement will be to a maximum of $40.

How do I submit my immunization information?

New Employees (hired in last 3 months) - Within 2 weeks of hire, please phone the Provincial Workplace Health Call Centre at 1.866.922.9464 (0700-1700 hrs Monday - Friday) to review your immunization history with an Occupational Health Nurse. Please have all of your immunization records, TST or chest x-ray results when you call. You will be advised of your recommended immunizations.

Current Staff - Please email your immunization record or any updated immunization information to or fax 604.806.8061 to ensure your immunization history is up to date in your confidential health file.

VCH Immunization Clinic Schedule