EARL: Employee Absence Reporting Line

What is EARL?

EARL is a 24/7 phone system that all PHC employees, management included, are required to call whenever they need to report an absence from their scheduled work.

When do I need to call EARL?

  • A short term health-related absence. Call again if you are going to be off longer than you indicated in your first call, and continue to call to keep us updated until you speak with a WorkAbility Advisor.
  • An injury or accident that will keep you from attending work. Be sure to report as soon as possible if your injury or accident occurred at work.
  • A pre-planned medical absence such as surgery. Speak with your manager as soon as possible so that decisions can be made about shift coverage. Then call the Absence Call Line the day before your surgery to advise how long you expect to be away from work.
  • An absence for reasons such as compassionate leave. Absence Call is used by Scheduling and Timekeeping to make sure you get paid correctly. Remember to follow through by completing the appropriate paperwork or follow the agreed-upon process if your department doesn’t use the standard forms.

How does EARL Work?

When you call the system it will ask you for your Employee Identification Number (look on your pay stub if you don’t know it) and will then confirm your position, site and department information based on your ID Number. A series of short questions will help you identify details such as when you will be absent and the number of shifts you expect to be away. Once the system has recorded your absence information, your live call is transferred to your Manager/OL.

Who uses EARL?

All employees of Providence Health Care including frontline staff, managers, directors and executives will begin using EARL as of March 3, 2014. Calls to OLs/Managers or Staffing will not be recorded and will be redirected to EARL.

What are the benefits of EARL?

  • Support: Instant alerts to Occupational Health when employees miss 5 days or more will allow more a proactive approach to health concerns.
  • Simplicity: Staff need only make one phone call.
  • Scheduling: Managers receive better reports to help identify absence trends and assist unit/program planning.

How does EARL differ from the WHCC?

EARL - for absence reporting to the Employer.
WHCC (Workplace Health Call Center) - for injury, blood & body fluid exposure, communicable disease and new employee immunization reporting.

Who do I contact for more information?

Don't hesitate to contact medinfo@providencehealth.bc.ca if you have any questions.


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