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Family Presence Policy and Visiting Hours

Visiting guidelines for families

Providence Health Care recognizes that families play an important role in the healing process. Families are welcome to be present at any time, whenever your loved one feels ready to see you while in care. We ask that families please follow a few safety guidelines during your visit:

  • Sick people need rest. You can visit often, but please respect your loved ones wishes for privacy and rest.
  • Children under 14 must be under adult supervision (by someone other than the patient or resident) at all times.
  • Visiting may be restricted to protect the privacy and rights of other patients.
  • Your visit may be interrupted by staff to provide patient care
  • If you feel unwell, have an infection, flu-like or respiratory symptoms, or any sort of communicable disease, or have recently been in contact with anyone with these symptoms, we encourage you to stay at home until you’re well again.
  • Refrain from using scented products if you are visiting your family member. Staff and patients may have severe allergies to scented products.
  • We may not have the space to accommodate a large number of family members, but we’ll try our best.

Guidelines can never replace the conversations you have between your family member, and your family member’s care provider. If you need more information - just ask so we can help create the best care experience overall.

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Patient and Family Health Information

Visiting Providence Health Care sites during flu season?

We ask that people planning to visit loved ones in a health care facility, or who are taking family members to outpatient appointments, to have a flu shot or wear a mask when visiting. Masks will be available at nursing stations and/or outpatient reception desks and/or major entrances to the buildings.

Health care staff are doing their part to help protect patients in health care facilities. Last year British Columbia’s health authorities adopted a policy requiring all doctors, staff, students and volunteers to get immunized or to wear a mask while at work during influenza season.


Patient and Family Parners in Research

Your patient and family experience can help shape how health care is delivered 

Patient and Family Partners can use their experiences with health care delivery to bring a patient- and family-focused lens to health care improvement and the research projects that drive this improvement. To help you decide if being a Patient and Family Partner on research and quality improvement (QI) projects is right for you and explain what person- and family-centred care means, Providence Health Care has created a helpful guide. Click the link below to view and download the guide.

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