Who We Are

How you want to be treated. Providence is committed to treating those we serve with compassion and respect.

We are committed to treating each other the same way, with compassion and respect. While it started with very humble roots, the Providence of today has grown; now there are almost 9,000 people working at our 17 sites. We have 8,000 staff, 1,500 medical staff/physicians, 200 researchers, 1,600 volunteers.

“How you want to be treated” is now a benchmark — for all of us, every day.

How you want to be treated…

…with compassionate care and a sense of tradition
We are caring, compassionate, inclusive, community-oriented and patient-centred ― all of which are values that are rooted in our tradition as a faith-based care provider.

…with respect for social justice and diversity
Our operations are guided by our traditions of social justice and respect for cultural, linguistic and religious differences. We take pride in serving people who have been marginalized or are vulnerable. We seek to earn the trust of every person we serve.

…with excellence and leadership
We demonstrate leadership by providing comprehensive, holistic care focused on our areas of emphasis ― elder care, mental health, urban health, renal care, heart/lung care and HIV disease ― and by conducting creative and excellent research that benefits our patients and residents.

…with responsibility and independence
We are an autonomous, resourceful health care provider that offer a full spectrum of care, and an independent board of directors. As good stewards, we have a long history of managing our resources efficiently and responsibly, and we show leadership and vision in our plans for the future.

…with courage and confidence
Like our founding orders of Sisters, we seize opportunity and proactively manage change, while remaining true to our belief in social justice. We make decisions that require the courage to overcome short-term challenges in order to ensure our continued standards of excellence into the future.

Check out the Providence Health Care Fact Sheet for more information.

Mission, Vision + Values

Driven by compassion and social justice, we are at the forefront of exceptional care and innovation.

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Person & Family Centred Care

Family plays a vital role in ensuring the health and well-being of people of all ages.

Our Commitment to Reconciliation

We are committed to delivering culturally safe and appropriate care, and advancing and improving health and wellness outcomes for Indigenous Peoples from throughout BC. We begin this work with intentional humility in the spirit of truth and reconciliation.

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